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"There is always a better way to manage your batteries, find it.

Indie EMS

>63MWh Energy Storage Projects Deployed / in Progress w/ Indie Systems
>99.99% Uptime on Indie Energy Management Systems

How we help you

  • Fill the last mile of scope on Large OEM Offerings without full service integrator
  • Battle Tested EMS for Energy Storage
  • Strong Focus on Battery Performance and Longevity
  • "Triple R" Design Philosophy
  • Top Focus on Cybersecurity

Indie Engineering

>5.7GW / 18.6GWh ESS Engineering Designs completed
>155MW / 373MWh Successful Dynamic Interconnection Studies across CAISO, PSE, PJM, ISO-NE, ERCOT

How we help you

  • Preliminary Site Design Packages
  • Owner's Engineering Serivces
  • Full Interconnection Models and Packages
  • Detailed Design Packages
  • Multiple licensed engineers on staff covering >50% of the US

Indie Analytics

>3,000MW Analyzed Projects with Indie Analytics
520MW / 1.97GWh Contracted PPAs for our Analytics Customers

How we help you

  • Detailed Cost and Revenue Estimates backed by real-world experience
  • Best System Size with Best Revenue Opportunities across every ISO
  • NMC vs. LFP vs. Flow Batteries vs. LTO?
  • AC Coupled or DC Coupled
  • Best ESS for a Solar PV Plant

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